Updated Murky Cellar Map

After my first play test of the Murky Cellar, I discovered that I had to make a few changes to better accommodate the combat and encounter I wanted.

I’ve increased the passages from 1 square to 2 squares to make it less narrow. Narrow could be interesting for specific claustrophobic encounters.. Secondly I moved the opening to the cave from the first cellar room to the second. In my encounter I allowed the dice to spawn new goblins coming from room 3 and move up to room 2 to stress the player in their combat a little. Having the hole there served more as a distraction at this point.

Finally I also added a stream to the natural cave for the goblins to find some water…


Sadly the play test encounter resulted in the party fleeing the cellar… I will have to work on the balancing of the encounter.

Stay tuned…


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