Kings of Neverwinter – Session 12

Our twelfth session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems.

In this session the party leaves the town of Night’s End  to explore the Darkmoon Vale in search of curative reagents. The party is running Hollow’s Last Hope. The first campaign session is available here.

Rhogar is the first to awake in the morning, both his comrades are out cold from the drinks last night. Dirk wakes up as the dragonborn noisily dons his armour and Sorry appears. The three of them proceeds to the herbalist at Roots and Remedies to find a cure for the dangerous coughing that his afflicting the dwarf’s brother. There is already a line of people waiting out side the herbalist’s shop but they push through. They hear whispers in the crowd that they must be Kreed’s new enforcers. Inside the shop they find Laurel, the herbalist busy working on a cure, unsuccessfully. They learn that she has tried many different cures but none work, and she is down to a final desperate try. Her grandmother left her with an old tome of recipes and there is one that looks promising, although it requires three ingredients that she doesn’t have: Moss from an elder tree, rat’s tail and ironbloom mushrooms. The party agrees to find it and are directed to the nearby forest, Darkmoon Vale. Before leaving the herbalist, Dirk, feeling the ale from the night before asks for any remedy for hangover and is given a small vial of grounded possum genitals. “Mix with water and gobble it down”! As they walk back to the tavern they see a group of Kreed’s men upset about loggers not appearing for work.

The party meets up with Hymnal at the inn and the two hung-over adventurers mix and down the possum powder. It works! As the trio discuss their plans to find the ingredients in the tavern they are overheard by Jack Crims. He offers to sell them a map of the region for a meagre gold coin. Sorry suggest going to the nearby logging camp to find the experienced woodsman Milorn to help them find the way in the forest. They decide to leave right after breakfast. Before leaving the innkeeper shares a little bit of news – Hans and Otto are to be hanged in the square later in the day. The party heads out – Sorry stays behind with his brother. Not far from the tavern they spot a cart being loaded with corpses. The affliction has claimed a few more lives during the night.

The trio starts walking south towards the logging camp and after two hours on the road they encounter a cart filled with logs being pulled by two oxen. They hail the drivers who mostly ignores them but Hymnal deceives them claiming to be sent from Thuldrin Kreed to find out why they are slow on the delivery. He also convinces them that they should avoid Night’s End for now because of the raging affliction. In the end the party gets a ride for the hour long trip back to the logging camp.

As they get closer to the camp, Rhogar, notices that the forest is being brutally cut down. No new trees are being planted and the lumberjack leaves a wasteland after decimating the dark forest. He also notices a great emotional sadness in the air – coming from the forest itself or its fey inhabitants and he decides to leave the party into the forest to follow that emotion. Meanwhile Hymnal and Dirk arrives at the camp and demands to talk to the foreman. Hymnal again shows his talents of deception and tricks the foreman that Thuldrin Kreed is unhappy with the camp’s performance and that he sent them on a mission into Darkmoon Vale. The foreman calls for the experienced woodsman Milorn to help and guide the party.


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