Getting your adventure fit for publishing

I’ve been collecting and reading old D&D adventures for quite some time, and I always find it interesting that some adventures are quite memorable from a gameplay perspective, but totally misses out on readability and presentation (Lendard Lakofka’s L1, L2 and L3 comes into mind). The excellent blog – Chaotic Henchmen Productions – have a few really good posts on how to improve your adventure writing:

More tips can be found on their blog!


Dungeonstone for 3D terrain?

With my personal focus on creating interesting encounters I am drawn more and more to 3D terrain. Setting up a room or a series of rooms and presenting it to the players gives a really nice basis for environment creativity. The combat becomes more interesting as at least my players care more about the rooms and what they can do than just combating the enemies straight on.

After a little bit of investigation there seems to be to main manufacturer/suppliers of ready-made 3D terrain. Dungeonstone and Dwarven Forge, with the later being offered painted. There is a quite noticeable higher price on the DF set. Personally I love to paint minis so the unpainted will be perfect for me. I am curious about how they fit together though, if there is some kind of locking mechanism.

Dungeonstone Advanced Set – unpainted

It is still to early for me to fork out the money for going 3D but I am definitely keeping an eye out. So far I’ve only seen limited amounts of reviews on the net. Perhaps it is more common to create and build your own terrain tiles. I can see this being a grpzo1001-1_500eat option if you own a 3D printer… Mmm the possibilities!

I am currently using Pathfinder Pawns minis together with a Pathfinder Flip mat that I draw using a dry eraser. I have the Bestiary Box and it gives a good assortment of basic monsters to choose from. I can definitely see myself expanding this collection to more types.

If you haveused either Dungonstone or Dwarven Forge, let me know how it works out for you!

Hello World

It all starts with one, and then we add another one and another one. On this blog I aim to share my RPG creations.

I’ve always been an avid gamer and started out back in 1984 with pen and paper RPG. Like so many others I got bitten by the fantasy bug and for the next 12 years focused completely on dungeon mastering and playing fantasy rpgs. Typically our group then expanded both games and settings; trying out everything from adventuring in the Cthulhu mythos, travelling the stars, participating in the Twillight of World War III and of course a healthy does of various fantasy games.

And then when starting my university studies the gaming waned, first to a few times per months, down to once per year and finally nothing. Recently almost 20 years later with a family of my own, the RPG bug has bitten me again…