The Murky Cellar

I now have the Murky Cellar mapped out for the Forest ruin that I plan to run later this week as part of an introduction to Pathfinder RPG. I wanted an easy low fantasy combat encounter to run where I could introduce gradual challenge to test out the rules for me and for my players. I was really not impressed with the scenario that comes with the Pathfinder Beginner Box… mixed monsters, way too much treasure and magic items. I prefer the players not being able to upgrade their gear after the first encounter to max.

Building the cellar using Dungeon Tiles. Minis are from Pathfinder and the Swedish RPG – Drakar och Demoner.

I originally drew it on regular grid paper and then did some slight editing in GIMP. Not 100% happy with the results. I want it to feel a little bit cleaner and perhaps work out a better method for adding grids to the dungeon.

When I mapped out the cellar using Dungeon Tiles, I realised that I’ve drawn the corridors and rooms slightly too narrow. I prefer to have at least the corridors two grids wide unless making a special nasty passage.

The Murky Cellar essentially consists of three different regions. The first original cellar, inhabited by goblins. A natural cave system that connects into the cellar in the south; and finally a crypt section where the family buried their dead and carried out a little bit of experimentation…

The Murky Cellar –  I will redraw the map with wider corridors and slightly larger rooms.

I’ll be running the encounter with my group and post the full encounter with room descriptions and theme shortly after on the blog…

Dungeon Tiles to bring the cellar alive.

Meanwhile – let me know what you think and feel free to leave comments, suggestions and ideas in the comments below.


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