Norwynn campaign launched

In our running Dungeons & Dragons 5E game we have launched a new campaign and this time we have left the high-fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms and instead placing it in our own homebrew world.

Initially the world is focused around the human kingdom of Miradôr set on the large island of Norwynn. Thematically it is inspired from Scotland, Game of Thrones and Skyrim.

I hope to develop the world over the duration of the campaign and initially focusing on a very small region. I managed to do some front-end creation setting up the kingdom, and a brief history of the area to capture some of the high points, origins of races etc. I did make it easy for myself to initially focus on humans, and as a result my players chose human characters for the starting session.

I have used Elsir Vale from the published adventure Red Hand of Doom to use as a regional starting blueprint. It has now been fully re-skinned to become Ashen Vale, the Barony of Craighall. The Barony is in decline after several years of supplying their Liege Lord with soldiers to fight against the invading orcs far to the north. Without soldiers enforcing the law, the Barony has become a lawless region with each settlement fighting its own battles. The party belongs to the House of Craighall and initial angle is for them to reclaim some of the Barony’s control over the area.

One players takes the role of the returned Heir to the Baron, another his carousing playboy-younger brother and finally three retainers and men-at-arms, all with strong relations. It is so nice to start a campaign with the party already knowing each other and having a common goal instead of the sometimes awkward, you start at an inn.. no one knowing each other.

Session Zero took about two hours and half of that time was spent on creating the characters and the other half to figure out the various relationships between the characters and their main goal. It all grew organically from the players’ own ideas and concepts.


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