Falcon’s Hollow

I am currently preparing to run the three pathfinder modules Hollow’s Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King and finally Carnival of Tears.

I really love the region Darkmoon Vale that the adventures are set in. Very dark and moody with fey, werewolves and evil druid cults. It is also enhanced by the brutal Lumber Consortium that operates in the area and that rules the tiny lumber town of Falcon’s Hollow. The colourful setting opens up for memorable encounters and moral choices.

I am going to use the first D0 Hollow’s Last Hope as an introduction to the campaign and get the players familiar with Falcon’s Hollow and the surroundings. The adventures themselves lack encounters with the actual Lumber Consortium so I’ll engineer a few encounters to introduce the various NPCs, get everyone up to speed on just how oppressing and controlling the consortium is.

I will however run the campaign in D&D 5e rather than Pathfinder. The actual conversions from Pathfinder to D&D are very easy to do quickly and requires little preparation.

I’ve used Inkarnate.com to create a first map for the players to get an appreciation of the region.


The hexes represent approximately 6 miles. I’ve left it intentionally out of the map to be able to fudge the distances a little during play. I’ll add more locations as the players discovers them.


Barrowmaze and Inkarnate

In preparation for running the mega-dungeon Barrowmaze, I created a player map of the Duchy of Aerik using the excellent webtool Inkarnate.

Inkarnate is super easy to use and can produce excellent maps. Why don’t you give it a whirl? I have only messed with it a little bit and have not been able to improve the resolution when exporting the map which is a little discerning but no show stopper.

I was able to produce the following map in less than an hour… I might make a new version skipping the hexagons and removing the icon representing the actual maze as it is for the players.