Kings of Neverwinter – Session 14

Our fourteenth session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems.

In this session the reaches the abandoned hut of Ulzimilla the Witch. The party is running Hollow’s Last Hope. The first campaign session is available here.

Milorn the woodsman that the party picked up at the Logging Camp estimates that the trek to Ulzimilla’s hut will take two hours. On the way towards the hut, Rhogar, picks up a dark and sad emotion from a nearby clearing and investigates. He discovers the three bodies of pixies brutally nailed to a tree trunk and tapped for blood. Milorn recalls a vague rumor that their blood can be  used in alchemy to turn lead into gold. Rather unaffected the party continues towards their target.

The clearing of Ulizmilla’s hut is dark and brooding and even the trees bends away from the ancient evil in a way to escape. The hut itself, a mass of twigs, bones and other creepy parts is surrounded by a dozen or more small stick-figures. Milorn tells them “I’ll walk no closer, whistle for me when you are ready to leave” and melts back into the forest.

Rhogar followed by the rest of the party moves up to the hut and after a few moments of debate, decides to knock on the rickety door. No answer. He calls out, his voice sounding tiny and far away. With no one answering, the party opens the door and braves the darkness inside. They search for their prize – rat’s tail and finds a jar containing several pickled rat’s tails. As they are about to leave the seemingly abandoned hut, the party discusses if they should torch the place first, to cleanse out the evil.

Rhogar takes a deep breath and breathes fire across the room, setting the dry interior on fire. A moment later a loud thunder strike rolls across the sky above. Dark clouds gathers from seemingly nowhere, blotting out the sky. A heavy rain starts to pour down. From the inside a dark bellowing smoke starts to pour out from a large ominous cauldron. Dirk and Hymnal sees that the stick figures posed outside starts to animate and moves to attack the party.

A melee follows and the party with some difficulty manages to destroy all the stick figures along with the ominous cauldron set on swallowing the dragonborn whole.

An evil cackle is heard from inside the hut and a old woman’s voice declares “Finally, I have returned”.


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