I am an old roleplaying guy that started as a 10 year old playing the Swedish game Drakar och Demoner back in 1984 followed by the post-apocalyptic Mutant. We had a small but very tight gaming group that would game as much as possible. From the original game we moved into various different systems and boardgames (deep into the Warhammer mythos). I think I was around 13 when our group started to dabble in English/American game systems for real;  Judge Dredd, Space Master, Twillight 2000, Paranoia and Call of Cthulhu. As a teenager (and adult) I just couldn’t get enough of collection game systems. There was so much to learn and explore. It wasn’t until late 90’s that I played in my first D&D campaign.

Somewhere around the millennium shift I was to occupied with my work life and computer games and the roleplaying ebbed out completely.  It wasn’t until very recently (2016) that my interest returned (with a vengeance) as my own son approached 10 and was curious about roleplaying games.

I keep this blog to post some of my material I crank out to improve and get better. Also hopefully someone will get a cool idea or usage out of it too. If you happen to do, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line using the contact form.