Kings of Neverwinter – Session 13

Our thirteenth session playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems.

In this session the party find the Elder Tree. The party is running Hollow’s Last Hope. The first campaign session is available here.

The haggard woodsman Milorn stomps into the logging camp office and is surprise seeing a tiefling. “What are you”? Hymnal not loosing a heartbeat proceeds to explain that they have been sent by Thuldrin Kreed to find a cure for the affliction that is harrowing Night’s End. Milorn, sharing that he just got news of his nephew faring ill, agrees to show the party to the oldest tree in the forest and Ulzimila’s hut. They gather the dragonborn, who gets an equally quizzical look from Milorn before heading out into the forest towards the first goal.

After two hours of solid trekking in the dark forest they come upon a forest stream. Milorn tells the party to hold. Close to the stream is a Darkwood Fox trapped in a wolf trap. Despite Milorn’s warnings, Rhogar walks calmly up to the fox and disarms the trap. An heartbeat later an arrow thuds into his shoulder and two large Razorcrows attacks him. Dirk charges into the fray killing one of the crows and Hymnal spots a figure hiding in a tree further away and let loose his eldritch magic. The dragonborn skewers the last razor crow and with a final blast of eldritch power the figure falls dead out of the tree. Upon closer inspection they find a dirty hobgoblin. Rhogar returns his attention to the wounded fox and gently uses his divine power to heal it. It returns to consciousness to Milorn’s surprise. Despite Rhogar trying to shoo the fox away it stays close, almost like a cat.

The party trundles along the trails following Milorn’s lead and an hour later they reach a clearing with a titanic darkwood tree – the elder tree. Its massive trunk easily spans nine meters across and its branches reaches almost a hundred meters up in the air. Walking up to the tree they spot movement, nay slithering in its branches. Fearing spiders or worse, Dirk moves fully alert up to the tree trunk. A green dragon-snake like things slithers around the trunk ready to pounce Dirk but the warrior is ready and with a heavy swipe with his great sword he nearly decapitates the great wyrm, who retreats back up into the branches. The party wastes no time and quickly scoops up a large amount of elder moss from its trunk and starts walking towards Ulzimila’s hut.

The most anti-climactic fight ever – The party spotted the wyrm in the tree, a poorly rolled initiative followed by a critical hit left the wyrm fleeing.


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