Kings of Neverwinter – Session 10

Our tenth session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems.

In this session the party reaches the town of Night’s End – a take on Falcon’s Hollow from the Golarion universe. The first campaign session is available here.

The party spends the night at the Hooded Man Inn for a well earned rest. During the night, Rhogar experiences a lucid dream in which he appears in a field along rows of other warriors. He is on his knees, and together with the others he utters:

In Anarchy, We are justice
In Fear, We are Hope
In War, We are Strength
In Darkness, We are Light
In Death, We are Eternal

The Lord in front of Rhogar proceeds to dub him a knight. Rhogar knows the knight by name, Captain Salasar Cil’Turan. When he wakes up, he is confused and moves out in the still raging storm where he finds solace beneath a tree. He meditates below the tree until morning dawns.

In the early morning they awake and decide to take the two prisoners Hans and Otto with them to Night’s End to collect the bounty. They will travel together with Bram the half-orc merchant and his wagon. On the road to Night’s End they encounter five riders dressed in the Count Sargen’s colors. The soldiers are responding to a messenger that rode earlier from The Hooded Man Inn to what happened there last night. They agree that the party should take the bandit prisoners to Night’s End themselves and collect the bounty from Councilor Vamros Harg. A young soldier by the name of Benjamin escorts the party to the town. During the trip to the town they learn that Count Sargen is not the real power in the town, it is Thuldrin Kreed, head of the local lumber consortium.

As the party nears Night’s End they first walk past the Gardens of Moremekar, the town cemetery. A lone priest dressed in black robes, wearing a white plain mask hiding his face stands at the cemetery gates. The priest waits for a cart being pushed from the town gates loaded with linen-wrapped corpses. Benjamin the soldier mentions that it seems that some kind of affliction has struck the town, people are coughing and the elder and weak cannot shake it. It is not a good time to visit the town. The party continues into the Night’s End proper, using Hymnal’s sliver tongue to avoid paying gate tax.

At the town square the all part ways. Bram the half-orc merchant indicates that he need to seek out a few contacts to gain access to the High Market to sell his goods and Sorry is determined to find his brother. They all agree to meet later in the evening at Jack’s Tavern. Together they bring their prisoners across the square to Night’s Tribunal. Already outside they smell trouble as tough bravos snicker at the party and it looks like they know Hans and Otto. They are making snide remarks about Hans soon being released. Inside the tribunal the party meets with the halfling Councilor Vamros Harg who agrees to pay the party the bounty. It becomes evident that the real power in the town is Thuldrin Kreed and that there is a great risk that Hans and Otto will be released instead of spending time in jail. The party decides to take the prisoners themselves to the sheriff’s office, not trusting the halfling or the rough mercenary types the town employs.

The sheriff is out on business when they arrive, but his dwarven red-bearded deputy, Tabrik Splint, receives them. Rhogar shares their concern about Hans being released from prison, and Tabrik agrees that it is possible. The dwarf confirms that Hans used to be employed by mister Kreed. The party starting to get slightly annoyed by all stories of Thuldrin Kreed, decides to visit the nearest provisioner, Goose & Things to restock their supplies and equipment.


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