Kings of Neverwinter – Session 9

Our ninth session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems.

In this session the party concludes the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle RPG adventure – Night of Blood. The first campaign session is available here.

The party helps the innkeeper and his staff along with the half-orc up from the cellar. Hymnal alone in the cellar investigates the chest and discovers some religious artefacts, four magic scrolls, a wooden demon figurine and a long black metal mace with the mace head being fashioned as a small human skull with inset gem stones for eyes. The mace itself radiates a light aura of magic.

Rhogar and Dirk moves out in the rainstorm to investigate the stables. The stable doors are slightly ajar and Dirk notices recent tracks in the mud leading away from the door towards the coachhouse. The two burly warriors move in the darkness and the rain towards the coachhouse.

Meanwhile inside the inn, Hymnal gets comfortable in the common room talking to the half-orc. He learns the half-orc is named Bram and that he is a merchant returning from a failed deal in Mirabar. He is currently traveling west trying to recoup as much as possible by trading between villages and towns on the way to Luskan. Hymnal suggest that Bram hires the party as guards for the reminder of the trip. The half-orc is genuinely interested but reminds that his funds are currently very low and that he will sleep on it.

Back out in the rain and darkness, both Rhogar and Dirk realises that they cannot see anything in the dark and rain. The dragonborn returns down to the inn to get light and which points a dark figure emerges from the coachhouse and attacks Dirk. A quick one sided battle ensues in which Dirk critically cuts down the human-spider-mutant with two powerful cuts. They do a quick search of the coaching house, but finds nothing out of the ordinary. They return back to the stables where they inside discover the body of the stableboy, half-eaten. They cover up the body and return inside to the inn.

The innkeeper and his staff are grateful for their rescue at the hands of the cultists and offer both room and food for as long as the party needs. They decide to throw Hans and Otto into the cellar and block it, and that one of the inn servants will ride to the nearby town next morning to call on the law. The party is exhausted after the events in the alchemist dungeon, the road and dealing with the inn. They lock themselves into a room upstairs and crashes into the beds for a well deserved long rest.


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