Kings of Neverwinter – Session 8

Our eighth session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems. In this session the party deals with the mutant-cultists in the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle RPG adventure – Night of Blood. The first campaign session is available here.

The man with the frog-like eyes jumps into the kitchen from the side corridor, pulling out two serrated blades. The frog-man is brutally stopped by a flurry of eldritch blasts from Hymnal followed by Dirk brutally severing its spine with his great two-hander. Blood and gore in the kitchen. Hans tries to make a break for it, pushing Rhogar out of the way, heading towards the broken main door. Rhogar gives a chase and tackles Hans into the door knocking him unconscious. Hymnal strolls back into the common room, picks up another bottle of rotgut and hammers it on the unconscious Otto’s head. They tie up Hans with rope and as he regains his consciousness, Rhogar starts to interrogate him. They learn that Hans and his company are devoted to a mysterious dark demon that apparently has a shrine below the inn’s cellar.

Hymnal still standing behind the bar with a bottle of wine notices a trapdoor in the floor. It leads down into the inn’s cellar and strangely there are lights flickering below. A low chanting can be heard from downstairs along with a few sobs and muffled pleading. A little more questions directed to Hans reveal that they have a sacrificial ceremony planned in the shrine. Hans also tries to convince Rhogar that the demon they serve, Gazzog, would reward them if they would join their cult. Before investigating the cellar, the party decides to take a quick look upstairs to make sure nothing surprises them. Dirk stomps off around the inn, discovering a storage and then finally the stairs to the second floor. Upstairs, Dirk tries to force up two of the locked guest rooms but cannot get enough weight behind his kicks. Finally Hymnal appears upstairs telling Dirk to come down.

The party gathers around the trapdoor but first Rhogar moves up and whacks Hans in the head with his heavy mace to put him out. He then hands Sorry the mace and tells him to make sure he doesn’t wake up and cause any trouble. Sorry grasps the mace, raises it over his head and nods. “I got this covered”. Dirk slides down the ladder to the cellar, followed by Rhogar and Hymnal. The tiefling’s darkvision quickly picks up blood on the floor and another trap door leading down further down below the cellar. Rhogar pulls the trapdoor open quietly, and they all hear the chanting louder. There is “thud” followed by a woman pleading and another voice “No, no, not my wife!”. Hymnal summons the magic of his patron power and is instantly transformed into a spitting image of Hans. He climbs down into the shrine. A strange pink light emirates from a small statue in the far end of a chamber. A few helpless humans are tied up against the walls and a large humanoid shape is pulling a woman towards the statue. Hymnal then proceeds to call the humanoid Hans voice. “We have more people upstairs, Otto needs help to move them”. The humanoid releases the woman and turns around towards the ladder. The creatures face is completely melted and without visible eyes, nose or mouth. It obeys Hymnal’s bluff and starts to climb the ladder up. Rhogar and Dirk are waiting – weapons raised – they both stab down with Rhogar’s blow adding a divine smite. His sword bites deep into the creature and the divine smite detonates inside its body showering the shrine below in blood and gore.

The hostages watches in horror as their tormentor Hans turns around and then transforms into a humanoid with redskin and horns. A few moments later a large dragonborn appears followed by a thuggish, scarred looking human. After the initial shock, Rhogar manages to calm down the the hostages. They learn that the hostages are the innkeeper, his wife and servants. In the other corner is one of the guests – a half-orc.

In the far end of the shrine is a small 60 cm tall stone figure of a horrific demon. It reeks of evil. A pinkish light emanates from the statue. Rhogar entertains the idea of throwing the figure in the River Mirar but the half-orc replies that it would probably just taint the river rather than destroy it. Rhogar looks at Dirk and asks for his large Maul. Dirk hesitates. “What, have you given it a name” Rhogar asks with a chuckle. Dirk smirks and gives him the maul. In two mighty strikes, he destroys the stone figure. The pink light disappears, and the oppressive evil is lifted.

Dirk checks in on Sorry upstairs. The mace is bloody and so is the head of Hans, albeit still breathing. Rhogar and Hymnal helps the innkeeper and the other hostages up the ladder but not before the tiefling notices a chest in an alcove of the shrine.


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