Kings of Neverwinter – Session 7

Our seventh session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems. In this session the party is exploring the Hooded Man Inn from the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle RPG adventure – Night of Blood. The first campaign session is available here.

The rain-drenched party crashes into the Hooded Man Inn where they end up staring into the surprised faces of an extremely obese innkeeper, a uniformed road warden and a frog-eyed servant. The innkeeper breaks the awkward silence by carefully informing the party that they are surprised anyone out and about in this forsaken weather. Hymnal defuses the situation with a little sweet talk and quite soon they find themselves answering questions about their recent activities and who they are. Hymnal notices the frog-eyed servant mopping up something behind the bar, unable to get a good glance he and the others sit down at a table waiting for Otto the Innkeeper to bring in refreshment. Hymnal and Dirk tries to outdo each other by trying to chug down the frothy brew in one go with little success. Rhogar simply eyes his brew and then decides not to gulp it all down; perhaps it is a dragonborn thing. The dark frothy ale is the first resemblance of food they’ve had in days.

The uniformed man introduces himself as Hans, a soldier sent out from the nearby town of Night’s End to check on the road between Night’s End and The Hooded Man Inn. When Rhogar asks him about the blood in the ferry house, Hans explains the inn suffered a bandit attack earlier in the evening and that is the reason for them to have locked down the inn. The party observes how the extremely obese innkeeper waddles between the common room and the kitchen with great difficulty, clearly the bar is not adapted to one of his size. They bicker with the innkeeper about lodgings for the night, and after some consideration Otto offer them the flop room upstairs after dinner. The overly obese innkeeper waddles into the kitchen to prepare dinner and is shortly joined by Hans. As Hans moves away to the kitchen, Dirk and Rhogar both notices a large blood stain on his uniform at the base of the neck. Hymnal moves swiftly to the kitchen door to eavesdrop on the two. Through the open kitchen door he hears Hans telling Otto not to worry so much, and to spice their food with Kurts poison.

Meanwhile Rhogar concentrates and extends his divine senses around himself and detects a faint sign of evil from below the common room. Could there be something in the cellars? The group, starting to show signs of anxiousness, starts to discuss plans of attacking Otto and Hans while they still have the advantage of surprise. Minutes later their hushed discussions are interrupted as Otto waddles back with a large tray with stew. The party seizes the moment and attacks Hans and Otto. Dirk quickly moves in and grapples Hans from behind, effectively stopping him from combat while Rhogar and Hymnal attacks the obese innkeeper. They discover that Otto is clearly someone or something more than a simple fat innkeeper. Even though sickly obese the large innkeeper moves with lightning speed and pulls out a meat cleaver. The fight quickly ends with Hymnal smashing a bottle of rot gut over Otto’s head who sinks down on the floor unconscious. There is a bit of uncertainty from Hans, but he agrees to stand down. Hymnal moves into the kitchen and is surprised as a backdoor opens up and frog-eyes jumps out brandishing two serrated daggers. Close quarters combat is not the already injured warlock’s strong suite. Dirk hears the tiefling’s yelp of surprise and moves into the kitchen…leaving Rhogar alone with Hans.


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