Kings of Neverwinter – Session 6

Our sixth session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems. In this session the party stumbles upon the Hooded Man Inn from the adventure Night of Blood. The first campaign session is available here.

The rainstorm is still raging, dark clouds and the dense tree canopies of the Northern Neverwinter Woods allow little to no light to the party. Two dead gnolls and three hyenas lie dead on the ground. In the far distance howling and yapping seem to answer the death howl of the now dead gnolls. A brief discussion follows on what to do. The discussion is cut short as four hyenas emerge from within the woods surprising the party. Hymnal the warlock reacts quickly though and sends a powerful eldritch blast into the charging beasts. It explodes into a shower of guts, fur, and giblets and the rest of the hyenas reconsider their assault. As the snarling beasts turn tail and run, Hymnal blasts another hyena.

The party wisely decides to leave the forest and run down towards the River Mirar and the main road. The wind and rain whips them mercilessly out in the open but they quickly discover that the gnoll war parties have stopped at the forest’s edge. The party continues to move along the road, keeping a weary eye on their stalkers.

An hour down the road, they can no longer see the forest’s edge and their stalkers. Lightning illuminates a building further ahead followed by loud thunder. As they move closer they realise it is a roadside Inn. A few lights can be seen in the windows. The roadside inn is defended by a high 4 meter wooden wall and its main gate is closed and barred. A sign with the ominous text “The Hooded Man Inn” hangs over the gate. Yells and furious pounding on the gate does not seem alert anyone inside, perhaps not loud enough to penetrate the raging storm.

They spot a smaller building down by the riverside, a ferry and what seems to be a ferryman’s shed. A lone lantern dances in the rainstorm and looking inside the shed, the dragonborn find signs of struggle and a bloodstains on the floor. Without loosing any time pondering the situation, the party moves back to the main structure having discovered a small door set in the wall. The door opens up into the inn’s courtyard and in addition to the main building there is a stable and coachhouse. Loud noises can be heard from the stables; the neighing of scared and nervous horses.

Dirk pulls out his great two-hander and huddled together they make their way towards the main building. Voices and laughter can be heard from inside, albeit the main door is locked.

With a mighty blow, the Rhogar, smashes into the door, crashing it open and stumbling into the common room of the inn. Its inhabitants shocked by the dramatic entrance, stares surprised as Hymnal, jumps in behind the dragonborn and in a voice argumented by thunder shouts “Can we have a room please!”. Dirk steps in close behind, sword over the shoulder “and your best ale”!

The three occupants the inn’s common room are all taken by surprise. An enormously fat man in a dirty apron, a uniformed and armoured human by the fireplace, and a third tall lanky man with bulging eyes behind the bar staring in disbelief. No one notices the scrawny dwarf stumbling along the dragonborn’s feet muttering “I am so sorry for this, so sorry”!


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