Kings of Neverwinter – Session 4

Our fourth session playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems. This particular session concludes the party escaping the dungeons of the mad Alchemist. The first session is available here.

After the fight with the two Derros and the Walkers, the group is pretty battered. Hymnal the Warlock drags Sorry’s unconscious body over to Rhogar the Paladin and Doylum the Ranger. The Ranger is regaining his consciousness but is too weak to move.

Sorry the Dwarf claws his way back from the abyss and is stable but remains unconscious. Hymnal starts opening the smaller of the two doors leading out of the room and scouts ahead. Rhogar picks up the Dwarf and the Half-Elf and continues after Hymnal.

They make it past a small bend to what looks like the dormitory (after also having stumbled upon the privy). Hymnal looks around while Rhogar drops Doylum into one of the bunks. It turns out that it’s rather dirty and not really large enough for the Half-Elf, but he does roll in somewhat gracefully. Sorry, who has regained consciousness and after seeing Doylum being rolled into the bed, carefully asks Rhogar if he can put him down instead.

They are all overcome by a nauseating feeling emanating from across the room. They see a door and a hallway to the right of it. Rhogar asks Sorry if he can go check it out. Sorry agrees and moves towards the door but stops right in front of it and stares down the hallway. Hymnal moves up to him and sees a filthy kitchen area.

The nauseating force clearly comes from behind the door. Hymnal hears a voice calling his name. He enters the room alone and finds a small study of another Warlock. The nauseating sensation is coming from something behind a curtain at the back of the room, calling out to him. Hymnal grabs two books, one of them having Vivecca’s name on it, and heads out of the room. As he exits, he is met with suspicious looks from Rhogar and Sorry, which turn to utter surprise as he doubles back and enters the room again. He pulls the curtain aside and finds a large obsidian obelisk with a small orb at its base. The voice is clearly coming from the obelisk. It calls out to him, tells him that its previous master failed it, and it wants him to take her place. Hymnal takes the orb which feels cold to the touch, and the nauseating feeling immediately stops. He finds a purse, puts the books and the orb into it, and heads out again.

Seeing Hymnal come out of the room with a purse and the nauseating feeling gone, Sorry and Rhogar don’t ask any questions, and the group moves back to the engine room where they came from. Doylum has made it on to his feet now and hangs back with Sorry to guard the rear. They open the large door which leads to a hallway, with another large door at the end and a smaller door to the side. The large door seems locked so they open the small one instead.

The room they enter is divided into two halves by a set of bars. Behind the bars are three captives chained to the wall, two Walkers propping up one of the captives, and a Derro trying to pour the green liquid down his throat. Hymnal fires a crossbow bolt at the Derro and Rhogar charges but doesn’t manage to break down the door. The Derro slits the throat of the captive, Hymnal kills the Derro with a spell, and Rhogar makes it into the cell and kills off the two Walkers.

The only prisoner alive is a grizzled human fighter who is missing an ear. Rhogar removes his chains and he makes it across the room to a chest where he finds his belongings. One of them is a sword which he gently kisses before putting it away. The fighter presents himself as Dirk Agosto and asks who they are, to which Hymnal politely replies that ‘that is none of his (fucking) business’. Rhogar rolls his eyes at him and just tells the fighter that they have been through a lot today.

Hymnal asks Rhogar for one of the vials with the green stuff. Rhogar hands it to him, and Hymnal immediately grabs Sorry and tries to force it down his throat. Rhogar tries to stop him but Hymnal deftly evades him, and Sorry is forced to swallow the green liquid. He coughs and sputters but actually feels better after a short while. Hymnal then asks for another and downs it himself. Doylum also gets one. Rhogar isn’t interested despite having taken a good amount of damage.

The party finds a key in the chest and tries it on the large door. It opens, and it reveals a large room with stairs leading up to a balcony overlooking the center of the room. On the balcony stands Vivecca, flanked by two Derro, each with a container of green liquid strapped to their back and connected to a hose. They are using the hose on a giant skeleton resembling a hill giant, and it seems to be regrowing muscle tissue from the liquid. There are also four mechanisms in the room with a large chute attached to each. Out of one of them falls a ghoul with a falchion attached on its arm instead of a hand. The party prepare for battle. And Rhogar changes his mind about the green healing potions and downs one.

The party engage the enemies. Dirk moves towards the ghoul while Hymnal and Doylum hang in the back and shoot at one of the Derro hosing down the giant skeleton. Rhogar and Sorry rush towards the stairs leading to the balcony. Hymnal and Doylum are largely unsuccessful in taking down the Derro for a long time as he keeps evading their ranged attacks. Vivecca casts a spell which envelops her in some dark material. Hymnal recognizes the spell as Armor of Agathys, which will hurt anyone attacking her directly. Rhogar tackles the other Derro and throws him to the ground next to Sorry, who manages to take him out. Dirk takes out the ghoul but more start dropping from the chutes next to Doylum. Vivecca is casting spells at Rhogar while the remaining Derro is close to resurrecting the hill giant. Hymnal manages to channel the energy in the orb he found into a spell that kills the Derro. He drops the container and hose, and Vivecca tries to pick it up to finish the job but utterly fails and trips down from the balcony. The Armor of Agathys has worn off and Rhogar jumps down to finish her off. But he isn’t able to land a hit and Dirk swoops in for the final kill, finishing off Vivecca.

Sorry leaps down from the balcony and starts to disassemble one of the machines. Once the others see what he’s doing they follow suit and disassemble or destroy the remaining ones. Hymnal searches Vivecca and finds a bag of gems (which he fails to inform the rest of the party about), a staff with a horse head figure on one end and a button on the other, and keys that seem to fit the lock on the portcullis, the only remaining exit in the room. Hymnal tries the button on the staff while Rhogar holds his breath. It freezes in mid-air until he pushes the button again. Dirk eyes the hill giant skeleton with disappointment. Rhogar sees this and nonchalantly slits the hose with green liquid that Vivecca was using to try and turn the hill giant skeleton into one of her servants.

The party opens the portcullis while Hymnal can hear the orb whisper to him inside his head, telling him he has done good and he must finish the work she started, but he will have to wait. The party heads up through a hallway and emerge from a basement door leading outside. It is evening and they see an old, decrepit mansion behind them, which stands on top of the dungeon they just fought their way out of. They start down the road to cover some distance to that horrible place.

The party finds a place in the wilderness with Doylum’s help to camp for the night, taking turns to stand guard.


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