Kings of Neverwinter – Session 3

Our third session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems. This particular session is the second one focusing on the party escaping the dungeons of a mad Alchemist. The first session is available here.

The party opens up the door from the workshop leading out to a large room, dimly lit filled with heavy machinery clearly refining the earlier discovered troll-slime. Walkways allows the party to sneak into the chamber and see machinery serviced by reanimated servitors. Two derro are supervising the operation. The party assaults the reanimated servitors and their derro masters and in the chaotic battle that follows, Doylum the half-elf ranger is critically hit by a Derro’s crossbow bolt and falls down from the walkway.

Rhogar, the valiant dragonborn, rushes after Doylum down to the lower level attracting attacks of opportunity from numerous reanimated servitors but manages to stay alive. With a fiendish gleam in his eyes, Hymnal the tiefling warlock alternates between firing his crossbow and hurling dark eldritch blasts on their enemies. The fight is long and brutal but in the end the group is victorious. Both Doylum and the dwarven rogue Sorry are unconscious.


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