Kings of Neverwinter – Session 2

Our second session playing D&D 5E. The adventure campaign is a home-brew mix of own ideas, warped adventures from other editions, and even game systems. This particular session is the second one focusing on the party escaping the dungeons of a mad Alchemist. The first session is available here.

The adventure party, consisting of Doylum the half-elf ranger, Hymnal the tiefling warlock, Rhogar the dragonborn paladin and Sorry the scrawny rogue dwarf rests uneasily for a few minutes in the large chamber with the now dissolved troll. The troll’s agonising death throes have possibly alerted others in the gruesome dungeon. Using some left over lumber and scraps in the room the party blocked the door they entered the room from and Rhogar dragged heavy barrels in front of the only other exit. Gently the paladin moves over to Hymnal and places his large dragonborn hands on the tiefling, whispering a prayer to his gods, and the laying of hands takes effect. Hymnal recovers and is back on his feet, although his robes are now not only dirty but partially dissolved from the gelatinous cube’s pseudopod.

Doylum moves into position next to the door on the balcony with the rest of the party behind. They move away the heavy barrels and opens the door. Inside a dimly lit chamber they find two Derros deeply concentrating on alchemist equipment on a table in the center. Loud thumping noises from below and behind the Derros completely drains out any other noises. The party surprises the derro’s and quickly kills the first one while taking the second prisoner. The party hauls the derro up on the table and tries to intimidate it to reveal more of who they are and what they are up to. The derro defiantly refuses to cooperate and Doylum ends the interrogation with planting his hand axe into its forehead. The rest of the party takes a step back, clearly reconsidering their views of Doylum. He looks at the rest of the party and exclaims that “We weren’t getting anywhere with talking”.

Rhogar, clearly a little disturbed by Doylum’s sudden outbreak searches the room and discovers a letter exchange between a certain Luith and Vivecca. In the letter it becomes clear that the two are conducting experiments using troll blood to create healing potions but also a more darker experiment to reanimate the dead. This must be the twisted ghouls the party has encountered previously. They also learn that a figure named Ballard the Black have supplied the test subjects – including the party themselves. Rhogar also finds a small leather bag with six green vials that he bags.

There is a closed door in the room and when Doylum peaks through he discovers that it opens up into a large two-storied room with loud machinery attended by several of the reanimated servitors.

To bee continued…


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