Kings of Neverwinter: Session 1

”Hey wake up! Is he alive?” A voice boomed not far from him.
He heard the voice shout something like a warning followed by a hissing sound and an extreme heat that rolled over him. The smell something burning. Something old. He just hoped it wasn’t him or his beard. The fatigued and malnourished dwarf lifted his head and saw a figure burning on the floor in front of him. One of the undead walkers. Green lightning crackled in the air and another creature fell down smoking and twitching beside the burning copse. The smell of decay and burning flesh was almost overpowering.

Sorry looked around, he was still in the chamber that he had been kept prisoner in for several days. The three latest arrivals were breaking out of their cages, and they had managed to take down their undead custodians. Magic no doubt. Their prison was a large stone chamber, broken and cracked flagstones on the floor. Mayhap the old ruins of an underground or sunken temple of some old forgotten god. Two wooden pillars reached up to support the ceiling far above and Sorry the dwarf was chained to one of them in a pair of rusty manacles. If it wasn’t for his weakened state, he would have been able to break them for sure. Two large metal cages dominated the opposite wall. In the left cage was a lone half-elf trying to break out and in the adjacent cage was a large, red-scaled dragonborn and behind him a horned tiefling in ornate robes. One end of the chamber ended in a decrepit stone wall, while the other continued over a deep chasm bridged by a makeshift bridge of wooden boards. The whole chamber danced in a dim greenish light from a unnatural fire sconce somewhere behind him.

With a loud crack the half-elf broke the rusty cage and slipped out; quickly followed by the dragonborn and the tiefling breaking out as well. The large dragonborn scurried around looking for his gear, while the tiefling moved up to Sorry. He said something illegible and seemed to grow taller and dominate the chamber. Sorry shrunk back against the pillar, he did not want to challenge this one. He reeked of arcane energies. Dark and old energies. Dangerous.

With a crack, Sorry’s manacles broke and the dwarf fell to the floor thanks to the tiefling. He was dressed in rags, at least his rags were whole.

Sorry could hear the dragonborn rumble around in the chamber corner, exclaiming loudly “My sword, and my armour!” Sorry picked himself up from the floor. The tiefling was still talking to him, and Sorry just mumbled out a “I am Sorry, so sorry”. The tiefling shrugged, giving him no more attention. Sorry was used to being treated like dirt. He actually preferred being treated like that as it allowed him to go about his own business. Like he was invisible. He moved up next to the Dragonborn who looked at him suspiciously as he was rifling through a large chest. Sorry noticed a sturdy mace in the chest and went for it. The dragonborn looked at him and said “Hey, that is mine”. Sorry gave his standard reply “I am sorry, so sorry” and looked up at the dragonborn as meekly as he could. The reptilian stomped off with a shrug. He was free and now he was armed. Time for someone else to be sorry for a change.

“We have company” the half-elf announced. He had been scavenging another chest and had picked up a bow and arrows. He looked competent with it, a ranger. Two more undead came shambling across the bridge, clad in rags not completely unlike his own garb. Pieces of rusty and dirty armour covered both custodians. The dragonborn rushed to meet the enemies at the bridge, bull rushing into the first one and sending him into the chasm below. The half-elf ranger fired arrow after arrow into the second one, forcing it off the bridge and into the depths as well. The battle was over just as quick as it had started.

They searched the two smoking corpses and the tiefling smiled as he held up a big iron key. Sorry could taste the freedom, but instead of sharing the joy he kept muttering “I am so sorry, so sorry”. He could feel contempt from the half-elf and tiefling. They were talking to him again, asking him where they were. As if it mattered. They were prisoners to the derro and now they were making a break for it. The three adventurers started to talk excitedly about the chasm and pointed down. Sorry moved up and looked down. The bottom of the chasm was almost three meters down, where shallow water rushed along. Right below the bridge was a large almost transparent cube, one of the custodians sticking halfway into it. The gelatinous cube had the custodian engulfed and slowly dissolved him. Sorry was admiring the cube’s appetite as he heard the dragonborn move up next to him dragging a large metal cauldron. It was filled with greenish liquid that was burning. It was most definitely not oil. It didn’t seem to stop the persistent dragonborn who dumped the burning green slime over the cube. The burning slime splashed over the cube burning it and melting it down. The stupid thing made no attempt to extinguish the flames. Perhaps it wasn’t even aware of that it was burning.

The group, led by the half-elf moved up to the door. They smiled as they unlocked the door and left the chamber. Sorry took one last look at his prison. Freedom. He smiled and then glanced around and not sure if anyone caught his smile he muttered a little louder “Sorry sorry. I am so so very Sorry”.


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