A Neverwinter Campaign

In our Session Zero the other week I prodded my players about their interest and aspirations for the game and we started the character creation. Based on the session I decided to go with the 4E Neverwinter campaign setting. The Neverwinter city itself and the surrounding area have many interesting highlights ripe with good story elements, but what I really like is the composition of the various factions along with the suggested character themes. It is a sureway of getting the characters integrated early on into the campaign, and I really like the story to be about the characters and not just a villain and a setting.

We will be playing 5E so most of the character theme mechanics will be wholly dropped – it is all about the fluff and the roleplaying. In our follow-up session, the warlock character naturally selected to go with the Devil’s Pawn theme and it looks like the Dragonborn Paladin or Half-elf ranger might go for the Spellplagued Harbringer.

I am now in the middle of getting up to speed on the setting, planning and preparing the first adventure. I’ll use an adapted version of Runehammer’s Prison of Morlok to start the campaign in medas res… Once that is going I’ll focus more on the Neverwinter setting and the actual campaign.


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