Session Zero for a new campaign!

Today we have started up a new D&D 5E campaign at work with me at DM and three co-workers. Our goal for the session was to start creating characters and talk a little about the expectations of the game ahead. Most of the players have not played RPG since the 90s as youngsters and myself is a little rough around the edges when it comes to D&D. They all have some familiarity with CRPGs such as Baldur’s Gate so they were naturally drawn to Forgotten Realms rather than any other setting. I am ok with that even though I personally wanted to explore the dark setting of Symbaroum.

For character creation we did it old school – roll 4D6 and remove the lowest dice for each stat. Once done, they were allowed to swap places with one stat. It was very fun since it helped them choose a class based on the dice. We ended up with a Dragonborn Paladin, a Tiefling Warlock of the Fiend and an Half-elf Ranger. Should be an interesting mix especially the RP tension between the warlock and the paladin. We actually never managed to finish the character creation in the two hours we had available. Next time we’ll go into backgrounds, skills and equipment. Might take us sometime to get the game off the ground – but it is all about the journey together and not the end.

Based on our first session  I don’t think this group will focus on the roleplaying initially, but I might be wrong. I’ll slowly nudge and prod until I can get them talking in character of their own accord.


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